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This article contains a list of positions on the developing team that we can hopefully fill. Developers should add positions here if they think that we need new developers in certain areas of the project.

Available positions

Graphic Artist

We've used graphics from Reiner's tilesets for our recent releases. We are searching for a graphics artist/3d modeler who could create some custom assets for our techdemo (Rio de Hola) and perhaps a new FIFE logo.

Status: position open

Module engineer(s)

We're searching for somewhat experienced developers who are able to improve certain modules of the framework. Possible fields of work are:

  • Audio module development (OpenAL, for a more detailed description, have a look at the following paragraph).
  • Event channel module: all type of events (GUI widget, keyboard, mouse & script events).
  • GUI-related development.
  • Editor development.
  • View module development.
  • Pathfinding, blocking, line of sight.
  • Video module: SDL software renderer, OpenGL hardware renderer
  • Scripting development.
  • VFS module: virtual file system.
  • Unit test development.
  • Debugging.

This is a great opportunity for a junior programmer to get some experience working with a game engine!

Status: position open

Web designer

We're currently in the planning stages of replacing our website with a better looking version that shares a consistent design among the majority of its subpages.

A collection of all ideas concerning the new website can be found at our wiki:

We're looking for somebody who could take care of the following tasks:

  1. Either create a new design from scratch or pick one from and modify it for our needs. There are already some design-related notes at the wiki article linked above. Solid (X)HTML & CSS knowledge required.
  2. Create templates of the new design for the following software solutions that we plan to use for the new website:
    1. Mediawiki (wiki functionality)
    2. Drupal (planet functionality)
    3. SMF (forums)
    4. Wordpress or any blogging solution of your choice
  3. Optional: find a way to integrate a blogging solution into our forums (we're using the SMF software). We looked into a couple of bridges for Wordpress but we haven't really decided on a solution yet so we would appreciate any pointer from somebody who had done something similar in the past.

Status: position open

Currently filled positions

Project manager

Project management is a quite complex task as there are a lot of different aspects you can work on. The most important ones are:

  • Public relations: Write blog updates about the current status of the project and help to spread the word about FIFE.
  • Milestone planning: Work out a roadmap for the next releases together with the programming staff.
  • Developer recruitment: Advertise the project and try to find new interested developers this way. Actually this is what I'm doing here right at this very moment :-)

For more information about all project management related aspects: Project management

Status: position filled

Senior core engineer

Advanced C++ skills and strong interest in engine design are the requirements for applying for this position as you will work on the design of specific framework modules as well as on the architecture of the whole framework. Experience with any of the 3rd party libraries that we're utilizing would be a nice plus but isn't a must. It is far more important that we find someone who can invest a serious amount of time to improve the design of the framework.

Status: position filled

Applying for a position

If you are interested in any of the open positions above please introduce yourself and state your interest on our forum in the "Introduce Yourself" board. If you prefer to contact someone directly you could instead send a private message (or email) to either prock or vtchill through the forums.