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FIFE stands for Flexible Isometric Free Engine and is a cross platform game creation framework. Through SWIG you can use it with python or other languages so you don't need C++ to make a game. Any 2D game is possible, but FIFE has more features implemented for an RTS or an RPG (isometric or top-down).
0.3.4 - January Xth, 2013
Package Contents Dependencies Notes
Windows Installer engine (binary with installer) N/A Python 2.7 (32bit) installed before run!
engine (tar.gz)

engine (zip)

engine source toolchain or

Win32 Development Kit April 2012

zip for Windows™, tar.gz for rest
Demos (tar.gz)

Demos (zip)

rio_de_hola, pychan_demo and shooter demos engine (binary) if FIFE is installed can be run from everywhere, otherwise the content needs to be placed in Folder.png fife_ROOT
Tools (tar.gz)

Tools (zip)

map editor and other tools engine (binary) FIFE 0.3.3r3 to current
Win32 Development Kit April 2012 (installer) binary with installer 0.3.3r3 to current

Code::Blocks /w mingw
SCons /w mingw
Visual Studio 8 /w MSVC 2005
Visual Studio 9 /w MSVC 2008

FIFE Win32 Development Kit April 2012 (zip) binary without installer

To build FIFE for your platform see Guides & tutorials. If you need to build older source you need older Win32 Development Kit.

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