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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the June developer IRC meeting.


Sunday, 14th of June, 4:30PM GMT.

List of topics

Pathfinder redesign

Progress in regard of the pathfinder redesign.


Pathfinder redesign

Instead of re-writing the entire pathfinder fife, we decide to take some small steps first. The following are some goals we wish to achieve in the next month.


  • Get rid of the unused linearpather section, and test all current fife games.
  • Combine RoutePatherSearch and Search, then test the changes for all current fife games.
  • Add a function to return the path for a given instance. Provide the functionality to UnknownHorizon developer for testing.
  • Understand QuadTree more. Reference book: Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland.


  • Looking at other methods commonly used for pathfinding in different types of games