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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the August developer IRC meeting.


9th of August, 2009, 4:30 GMT

Thread at the forums:

List of topics

  • SVN structure, build process, structure of python modules, packaging. phoku
  • "SWIG tricks" (e.g. %apply ... &OUTPUT {} ) and compatiblity for c++ clients. chewie
  • Feature: How to implement image resizing on runtime (postponed top from last meeting) (SDL vs. ogl discussion)


Install target

  • Create a branch for adding an install target.
  • Make fife a single top level module in site-packages
  • Request guidance from packagers: forum thread
  • phoku volunteered.

SWIG Tricks

Leave for now and fix of the .i files so they are more maintainable and possibly revisit this in the future. vtchill will work on cleaning up the .i files.

Image Resizing

Practically closed by the observation that SDL is only used as a fallback renderer and thus we shouldn't bother.