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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the September developer IRC meeting.


Sunday, 13th of September, 4:30PM GMT.

Thread at the forums:

List of topics

  • Upcoming release:
    • Version scheme
  • Light branch merge
  • PathFinder:
    • Finish testing getPath functionality and merge to trunk
    • Create return linear path function: getLinearPath (per Zero / chewie request)
    • Start to think the solution for multilayer path finder
  • Python coding standards
  • C++ Tutorials
    • How to build fife for C++ (static vs. dynamic)
    • Project details and link to project hosting



Version scheme

  • We will go for a 0.x.y[.z] version naming scheme
  • We will release more often
  • Feature freeze before 0.x.y releases
  • Each 0.x.y release gets a new tag
  • No backporting fixes are necassary until API is stable

Release date

  • 0.3 will be released by octover
  • The tasks in the 2009.1 milestone should be completed

Light branch merge

Vtchill will look over the changes and merge it to trunk


  • Will not be ready for 0.3.0, but may be ready for 0.3.1

Python coding standards

  • Removed "This article is currently only a proposal"
  • A stickied thread should be created in the forums, so all developers can review the article

C++ Tutorials

Vtchill will continue to use static linking for now, and work on his fife-tutorials project.

Win32 SDK

We need more than one person to be able to create SDKs. We will create a guide for creating them. It (probably) is not necessary to copy the includes for each compiler. This will save around 90MB of disk space, and remove 13500 files.