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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the October developer IRC meeting.


Tentatively scheduled from Sunday, October 25th at 4:30PM GMT to 5:30PM GMT.

Thread at the forums: Topic: October Developer IRC Meeting

List of topics

  • Relaunch
  • Strategies for attracting more developers
    • Code Documentation
    • WIKI cleanup
      • FAQ
    • Tutorials
      • Status
      • Topics
      • Assets
  • FIFE release strategies
    • Next release date
    • Prioritizing tickets and placing them in correct release
    • One major ticket per release
    • Deadline for new tickets for a given release
    • Release procedures
  • Open Tickets for release 0.3.0
  • Missing/Requested Features
    • Fog of War (requested by totycro)
  • Current code base
    • Renderer
    • Pathfinding
    • Removing OpenAL from ext and use openal-soft instead
    • guichan 0.8.2
    • FIFE SCons Build System


FIFE SCons Build System

Build for Multiple Languages

The SCons scripts should provide easy to use switches (Alias in SCons speak) for multiple language building instead of command line options as it is now.

Languages supported:

  • Python
    • 2 configurations exist
      • debug shared library (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
      • release shared library (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
    • builds fife as a .pyd and runs SWIG to generate the swig wrappers for python bindings
    • Where should the fife.pyd file be installed as a result of the build
      • On Windows?
      • On Linux?
    • What other files are needed for clients
      • helper python scripts in extensions
      • fife_wrap
      • where should these be installed
    • Should we attempt to break out the generated swig wrapper functions into more functional modules so that they are not all regenerated each time?
      • What impact does this have on the clients using these (thinking of how it affects their imports)
  • C++
    • 4 configurations could exist
      • debug static lib (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
      • release static lib (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
      • debug dynamic lib (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
      • release dynamic lib (Need to come up with good Alias for this)
    • Where should the fife library and headers be installed as a result of the build for each configuration listed above
      • On Windows?
      • On Linux?
    • Should not run SWIG or build any of the swig wrapper files
    • Should all 4 of the configurations above exist, we may only need either a static or dynamic lib but not both eventually
  • Lua (is this supported)


Location: fife-tutorials


I am writing these in C++ and I am building and linking fife as a static library. I chose the static library method because it was the quickest way to get started. These tutorials rely on the engine_maploader branch of fife since this is the only branch that has support within the engine for loading our map format. The build system for the tutorials are only supported on windows using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. I am working on modifying fife's SCons build setup to support building the static library needed. I am also working on SCons scripts for building the tutorials for mingw and linux support. OS X support, as always, will come later. The google code page is lacking documentation and I hope to get this updated relatively soon.


To be determined (Please start a list here with ideas from the meeting)


I am using Rio art assets and I have replicated these in my tutorial repository. The tutorials are meant to be checked out like any other client app of the engine (in the clients/ directory). The Rio assets are somewhat limited, but for the time being I think they will suffice. I have zero artistic skills so I don't want to create assets myself if it can be avoided.


Developers and advanced users

  • Difference from standards, if any
  • Limitations
    • Why it exists
    • Bypass solutions for users and interests in fixing it for developers
    • Links (to repository and irc logs)
  • Parsing and styling of irc logs for (very) fast reading (distinguish messages from status changes and commits)


  • Tutorial (once per milestone, one download)
    • Work with promissing user on a project or update previous work
    • Tools
      • How to use
      • Limitations related to engine
      • Possible downfalls due to changes planned in the next milestone and solutions - Links of interest
    • Limitations that beginners should understand and links to advanced topics of interest to game developers
    • Info on bugs - Logs, how to reproduce it?
    • Create a game on every platform to get the user ready for his/her project
      • No eye candy if not done right
      • Use most of the assets created
  • Art assets
    • External community - Could it sustain itself?
      • Private tutorials
      • Usable for recruiting testers from feature competitions (based on needs)
      • Easy way to spot (very) active skilled individuals - Perfect testers
    • Attract good artist with special coding prize - Always open if no one on the team?

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes and full IRC log can be found here:

Forum Threads for continued discussion

Strategies for attracting more devs and games to FIFE

FIFE release strategies and next release (0.3.0)

Missing/Requested Features