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This article documents the topics and discussions of the January 24th, 2010 FIFE developer meeting


January 24th, 2010 at 4:30 GMT

This is a private fife developers only meeting.

List of topics

  • License / Agreement paper
    • We should create an agreement paper to make it transparent for new programmers that all code in FIFE svn is licensed on LGPL
  • Recap FIFE 0.3.0 release
    • Postmortem (what went right/wrong)
    • Open issues
      • List of CHANGES is inaccurate
  • FIFE 0.3.1 release
    • Release date
    • Tasks
      • Bug fixes
  • Future FIFE development
    • Long term direction
      • Make FIFE a more fully featured 2D engine
        • Make it suitable for side scrollers/platformers as well
        • Add a physics/collision detection component
      • Improve FIFEdit
        • Tightly integrate and expose engine features
        • Make it more user friendly
        • Expose all engine features available
        • Create a nice plugin system for expandability
    • 3rd party dependencies
      • Fixing vs. Removing dependency
    • In-game GUI library
      • Guichan
      • CEGUI
      • Create an interface to allow multiple GUI libraries to interact with FIFE
      • Create our own GUI library and toolkit

Meeting Minutes