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This article documents the topics and discussions of the February 2010 FIFE developer meeting


Sunday February 7th, 2010

This is a private fife developers only meeting.

List of topics

  • FIFE 0.3.1 release
    • Keeping focused
    • Are we on track for the release date? (March 20th, 2010)
    • Remaining Tasks
  • Milestone Planning
    • 0.4
      • FIFEdit (should be a major part of this release)
        • Proposal to use a more feature rich GUI toolset such as Qt
      • Pathfinder
      • Flexible Map loader/saver (provided in native c++)
      • Triggers
      • Manual??
      • Fog of war (requested by UH)
    • 0.5
      • Replacing rio_de_hola
      • Brainstorming
    • Into the future...
      • Future of Guichan and FIFE

Meeting Minutes