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This article documents the topics and discussions of the FIFE 1.0 Meeting


2012/03/25 - 14:00 GMT

This is a FIFE 1.0 planning meeting.

List of topics

I'd like to try and get everyone (clients and FIFE devs) together at some point for a meeting of the minds to discuss the final feature list for FIFE 1.0. This may include completely new features or features that are lacking or buggy. I'd also like to try and get a list of workarounds that clients have put in place because of a FIFE bug or an incomplete FIFE feature.

To prevent this meeting from becoming long we'll keep discussions about a particular topic to a minimum. What I'll do is start a forum thread for topics that require more discussions. For example if someone says we should port everything to XBOX we wont discuss it in this meeting, it will be noted and discussed on the FIFE forums. Final decisions about topics will be reserved for the active contributors to FIFE but input from everyone is welcome.

  • Introduction by prock. He will give a brief explanation of what we are trying to accomplish in this meeting and re-iterate the above comments about the length of the meeting.
  • Review of current FIFE features and identifying which are lacking and which need review/rewrite. Also identify what needs to be done on these features to make them complete.
    • Features
    • Documentation.
      • Tutorials
      • Engine Documentation
        • Epydocs
        • Wiki
        • Doxygen
    • Build System
      • Scons
      • MSVC2005, 2008, 2010?
    • Sound Manager
    • Fonts
    • Tests
      • Automated Unit Tests - junit, unittest, nose
      • User Tests - pychan_demo, fife_test
    • Animation Overlays - Game_creators'_wishlist
    • Guichan/Pychan (this could be a long list but we MUST get the list together so please bring up everything you can think of!)
    • Editor
    • Tools and toolchain
    • Atlases
  • New and required features for FIFE 1.0. Think of this as a wishlist for clients. Some features we MUST include and others could perhaps be left out for a later version of FIFE. Ideally this list will be short so we can release FIFE 1.0 sooner rather than later.
    • Video support
    • Another GUI library
    • Network Support
    • Documentation
  • Misc topics
    • Split FIFE and pyFIFE into 2 different project maintained by us of course (just throwing that out there)
    • The future of SDL and FIFE (just wanted to touch base on this one)
      • We rely on SDL for many things, OpenGL initialization, image loading/storing, SDL renderer, input. We could get rid of it entirely if we had some platform coders. If we move in this direction we could potentially port to additional devices/platforms instead of waiting for SDL to be ported or relying on SDL (which is getting fairly old now... where is SDL 2.0 anyway?). Also, I'm sure we can find additional image loading libraries out there that would be more portable.
    • Moving Instance to a component-based model.
    • Some impressions of FIFE from someone out there:
    • FIFE was mentioned here:

Meeting Minutes