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Prioritized Tasks for FIFE 1.0

From the Meeting and Existing tickets ( not prioritized yet )


  • More examples in the documentation
  • Investigate how to get C++ API documentation over to Epydocs
  • Official API documentation and other FIFEngine specific documentations should not be on the Wiki.


  • Symbol export DEFINEs for windows platforms for proper DLL support - 330
  • Proper support for multi-cell objects (think this is being handled by Helios) - 349
  • Sort out the object->getId() standard/non standard - 517
  • Fontpath setting required for linux users (prevents clients from having to package fonts) - 572
  • Python 3.x support - 631
  • Pathfinder requires a re-work (currently being done by Helios) - 437
  • Layers need Z offset - 366
  • VFS doesnt support unicode objects - 449
  • Investigate if the ticket to dynamically resize an image at runtime is still required - 332
  • Dummy render backend - 632
  • Add an AnimationManager and real Frame objects - 675
  • Improved floating text rendering (make it more customizable) - 281
  • Consider using our own memory allocators for stats and perhaps efficiency
  • Consider adding a random number generator (think diablo.. if you pass it the same seed you get the same output) - google mersinne twister
  • Look at the FIFE api again and try to redesign it to better work as a DLL in windows
  • Master header file for all of FIFE.
  • Better implementation of UTF8 Strings - [1]
  • PointType2D needs a proper integer implementation that makes sense.. adding an integer type to float_traits<> makes no sense.


  • Add the ability to have triggers on map files for when instances enter the trigger area something happens - 239

Build and Packaging

  • Add msvc2010 support for the windows dev kit
  • Need a Mac dev kit. Can be done using what dsrogers has already provided in the forum thread. Hard part is getting guichan to build.
  • Window build with msvc in Debug mode - 474
  • Windows install package should download and install Python if required - 505
  • Add more platform configs - 627
  • Research install package managers and perhaps switch if a better one is found - 484
  • Building the python bindings take forever. We need to somehow split this up so it doesn't require so much RAM. Users with low memory report problems with swapping when compiling the generated swig interfaces.

Sound Manager

  • Add more sound file format support
  • Flexible to allow support different audio backends (fmod for example)
  • Allow clients to select if an audio file is streamed or not
  • Allow for crossfading of sounds (Dynamic Sounds)
  • A callback for when a sound has completed playing - 346
  • Dynamic Sounds -> (UH) 1256
  • Sounds should be able to be attached to instances so they move along with the instance.
  • The audio system should support 7.1, 5.1, 2.1, 2.0 systems.
  • Get rid of the SoundManager extension - 485



  • We need better unit tests
  • Make use of an automated build feedback system (jenkins) to allow for unittests to be automatically performed.
  • Look at for replacing assets in rio
  • Rename rio perhaps? Go over the code and make it even easier to follow.
  • RPG Demo might be a little too difficult to follow. Might be good to get rid of it.
  • Create some simple placeholder assets for fife_test

Animation Overlays

  • To support this we would need to implement multitextures in OpenGL. SDL implementation may be a problem
  • Instance overlays should be included in fife 1.0. Implementation details have to be decided on.
  • Perhaps OpengGL can be leveraged to do this:
  • Also should talk about implementing shader programs for more interesting effects


  • Need the ability to disable the layout engine
  • Disable the auto icon resize feature - 660
  • We could think about implementing some pychan features in C++ to make them available in C++
  • librocket integration a priority over Guichan/Pychan work? - 558
  • Images and different color fonts as well as bold and other styles should be possible in a text widget - 599
  • Add tooltips to guichan/pychan
  • Add animated widgets (for mouse over effects and other cool things)
  • Fix default styling problem - 656
  • Inherit max_size properties for children of VBox and HBox widgets - 659
  • GUI Templates - 376
  • Drag and Drop - 295
  • Test FIFE with Guichan HEAD - 486
  • Guichan adds hardcoded value to user setting of base_color attribute 678
  • The PercentageBar widget could have a background image and use a custom progress image. [2]


  • Better plugin system for the editor. Allow for more flexibility and interface better with the savers/loaders
  • Evaluate a 3rd party tool for simple map editing (Tiled is an example)
  • Editor needs an options menu - 368
  • LayerTool: Rearrange layers - 369
  • Camera editor needs improvement and documentation - 370
  • On exiting the editor should prompt the user to save changes to the map if it has changed - 431
  • Add the ability to place ambient SoundEmitters via the editor - 434
  • FIFedit support for custom loaders / savers - 439
  • View menu should show which windows and toolbars are open - 442
  • Save window layout into a "workspace". - 469
  • Add a "cell editor" plugin to the editor - 481

Tools and Toolchain

  • Atlas editor needs to be documented
  • Include the atlas editor as part of the build system and perhaps the windows release of FIFE
  • Review all tools in tools/, add documentation and remove outdated / useless ones
  • Atlas creation script
  • Provide more templates for content creators to get them off the ground. This can be blender files and things like that
  • More tutorials on how to create content for FIFE
  • Update the Game_creation_guide


  • Review the atlas file format and make it more flexible
  • Make loading and saving atlas less chaotic and devine a clear structure
  • More documentation required
  • Should be added as a plugin to the editor and the atlas creator should be removed
  • Atlas creator should be distributed with FIFE's windows package

New and required features for FIFE 1.0

  • Particle system and effects - 414
  • Cool heightmap effects like:
  • Ability to rotate images. This is useful for 2D top down games.
  • Physics engine and collision detection (again for 2d games, side scrollers and other things)
  • More advanced rendering, including shader support
  • Unification of all 10 Renderers!
  • Proper scene management. 439
  • Consider dropping SDL dependency and handling windowing, timing, events, graphics ourselves
  • Provide a better overview on what FIFE is capable of (think engine thread @wasteland2 forum)
  • Make FIFE::Instance component based
  • Movie support - 166

Website Re-launch

  • We need to get off of barra's web-host and onto a new one.
  • Need a new look to all pages. Start with some static pages and a wordpress template