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This article is outdated and is just stored for archive purposes. Archived.png

This article became outdated and is just stored for archive purposes in this wiki. There are several reasons why an article could become outdated. The development team may have decided to use a different concept or even the author itself felt that the article is not really up-to-date with the current development status of the project anymore.


This article collects third party feedback the FIFE project got after new milestones have been released to the public. By collecting the suggestions of the community we can get a better impression of the opinion of the community and into which direction they would like to the see the project going to.


Release feedback for the 2007.2 milestone.



  • Broken sound support for non-SSE CPUs caused by the shipped libvorbis.dll on Win32
  • Change the name of the README file to README.txt, this makes the file stand out in windows; and doesn't affect linux users.
  • Try to include some options to easily turn on logging and to disable sound in fife.config


  • Sound stuttering under Debian Lenny.