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Win32 & Posix

The next paragraph is from english wikipedia:

POSIX for Windows

  • Cygwin - enables partial POSIX compliance for certain Microsoft Windows products.
  • Microsoft POSIX subsystem, an optional Windows subsystem.
  • Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 – enables full POSIX compliance for certain Microsoft Windows products. Windows NT-based operating systems up to Windows 2000 had a POSIX layer built into the operating system, and UNIX Services for Windows provided a UNIX-like operating environment. For Windows XP, Windows Services for UNIX must be installed to provide POSIX compatibility. The UNIX Subsystem is built in to the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista, but cannot be added separately to the other editions.
  • UWIN from the AT&T Research implements a POSIX layer on top of the Win32 APIs


Fallout is an isometric computer game with currently 3 versions published. It has seen a fan community that creates and publishes modification (mods) for that game. For some time a noticeable amount of related content was present here on this wiki and web pages. Today this activity got its own platform and thus many related contents have seen migration to other places even if some remainders are still visible here in this wiki. Screenshots from that modding are expected to not vanish but just stay here for reference purposes.


What the heck has all of this to do with FIFE? I seriously don't get it :-/

--barra 15:46, 1 August 2009 (UTC)