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a few notes

Runtime keybinding via ingame console ...

Not entirely true; we can bind keys to engine events at runtime, we already do so in bindings.lua which is executed on startup. Calling that function again through the console should work as well. The only ~problem~ is that currently there is no way to unbind a key.

IMO binding keys to both engine and script events should be as flexible as possible. If the modder decides to use hotkeys for GUI / PC actions, there must be the possibility to bind and unbind keys during runtime. (e. g. if 'I' opens always the inventory, 'ESC' only should only close the active GUI element - until there is nothing closable left. Then 'ESC' should be a shortcut to leave the game.)

Btw. - Are shortcuts like alt-c possible?

--chewie 18:13, 13 March 2007 (CET)

No, not right now; modifiers (alt, shift, ctrl) should be kept in mind when the inputmanager is redesigned. Good point! Skybound

Video playback

  • ) Maybe there should be a trac ticket: enable video playback; ffmpeg still seems like a good candidate
  • ) Do we want to play movies only in fullscreen mode? I mean while it is playing is there anything else on the screen (map, gui, ...); or do we also want to show a movie inside a gui element?
  • ) I doubt you can find a lib that plays the modern codecs but not mpeg 1/2; unless we provide a special dll it would most likely depend on the system installed libs/codecs anyway.

1) Mmh... does this mean that all [codecs from libavcodec] will be supported for video playback?

2) Movies within a gui element would be very nice - enables more possibilites for modders to create atmosphere without breaking the game

--chewie 18:13, 13 March 2007 (CET)

1) yes, at least in theory


Notes from the community

Some notes what kind of features the users at would like to see: