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Dec 04 meeting

About the lua+xml gui

I like it; how hard is it gonna be?

about my xml stuff

there are now two maps (test_map.xml & working_map.xml) and some helpers to create tilesets (the graphics only); actually the helpers can do more than the demo maps show, a problem of creating more tiles (seamless), writing the appropriate xml (simple; follow the examples and validate with dtd) and mainly doing some math for the tile ids.

Still thinking about howto assign ids in a way that allows an automated way to figure out tile borders for regions in generated noisemaps (like raw_map.bmp); the second column of the tileset is only used in working_map.xml.

skybound, 10:50, 2 December 2005 (CET)

Jan 29 Meeting

Floor+Roof vs. Map with height (2 'height layers' vs. arbitrary height layers)

Being a 'let's have height advocate' I will post my points, i hope I make it clear. I will leave the cons to the exercise of the reader.

  • Floors and roofs can be treated the same way by the engine
  • It partly simplifies, as it treats these two things in a single way
  • In the other hand, map rendering logic will probably get more complex (or be better thought out)
  • It will add more flexibility to the engine

Brazilian Joe - Jan 25, 2006

Sunday, 24th of March 2006 meeting


  1. Mailing list problems
  2. MapView discussion
    1. Performance
    2. "Bumpy" scrolling
    3. Drawing order problems
    4. Alphablending concept?
    5. XMLmap support?
    6. What's needed till we could start with the lighting aspect?
  3. FIFE gfx format
    1. Volunteers for the implementation?
  4. FIFEdit status update
    1. Zoom feature
    2. FPS improvements?
    3. Animation tool?
  5. Lua 5.1 vs Lua 5.0x

Just posted this here as we wanted to discuss it but with Phoku missing we'll postpone these topics.

MvBarracuda 15:40, 7 April 2006 (CEST)