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File Format Summary When ever you make a wall you need to somehow save the offset information, you can currently do this two ways.

1) Save the wallname.png file and also creat a text file with the offset information called wallname.txt

2) Save the new wall as a *.FRM file, using a program such as Frame Animator. The downside is that this format is limmited to only 256 colours and is probably owned by Interplay.

Offset Summary The offset is the 'x' and 'y' shift of the art object in pixels, this is used to align the wall segment in the correct location within the hex. If you use these templates you can just use the given offset values for any new walls you make. The offset file should use the following format.


X = A postive number will shift the image to the right and a negative will shift it to the left.

Y = A Postive number will shift the the image down and a negative number will shift it up.

Master Templates Take each of these templates and overlay them onto the desired wall texture, then over lay each of wall sections onto of each other. You will end up with a selection of walls as like in the example below. When you are selecting the textures to use I found it easier to pick one texture and then just adjust the brightness of the image so that you have three differend levels of contrast. The brightest texture should be the top of the walls.


Master - Blue.PNG

Master - Green.PNG

Master - Red.PNG

Master - Yellow.PNG


Concrete - Walls.PNG - Completed walls

Concrete - Medium.PNG - medium shade (dark shade + 20 brightness)

Concrete - Light.PNG - Light shade - Top (medium shade + 20 brightness)

Concrete - Dark.PNG - dark shade (taken from the Gimp)

Indivual Walls and Their Offsets

Wall Templates

Wall1.PNG - offset=0,6

Wall2.PNG - offset=8,10

Wall3.PNG - offset=-7,2

Corner Templates

Corner1.PNG - offset=0,0

Corner2.PNG - offset=0,14

Corner3.PNG - offset=0,6

Corner4.PNG - offset=5,16

Wall Intersections

Wall-int1.PNG - offset=1,14

Wall-int2.PNG - offset=0,14

Wall-int3.PNG - offset=0,13

Wall-int4.PNG - offset=0,6

Wall-int5.PNG - offset=0,13