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This developer retired from his position on the team.



I'm Filip, 26, living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I'm working as a PhD candidate in Psychopharmacology at the Utrecht University. I've always wanted to create a 2D top-view RPG, because I'm rather unsatisfied with current games. My favorite games are (in order) Fallout 1, Planescape, Ultima 6/7, Fallout 2, BG2. I started programming when I was 10, and I've sucked ever since. I started in GWBASIC, then QBASIC, then QuickBASIC, then Pascal, Object Pascal, and now I try and learn C++. Amazingly, as I said before, I really suck. I've never been able to finish a project, because I always end up in technicalities. My main problem is that I just want to create game content, and not the engine itself. And that's exactly how I found IanOut. (The fact that I didn't like NWN helped as well).

I run Linux, and I feel the platform, in all its grandness, is lacking cool games. There are some nice clones, 3D shooters are well-represented, but oldskool RPG's are lacking. IanOut may provide the Linux community with a good RPG engine. I'm trying to create a modern-day mod for the IanOut engine called Righteous Vindication (RV website), and I hope to work closely with the engine developers. I hope this two-way traffic will also be very useful for the development of IanOut.