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This developer retired from his position on the team.


I have plenty of time for FIFE development. But I have to find the right place to jump in. I imagine it will be in the graphics department, but we'll see I guess.


Fife Graphic Work

version 1 of a possible new banner for Fife banner 2007 v1.png

version 2 of a possible new banner for Fife banner 2007 v2.png

Contact info


nickwarner AT gmail DOT com



Personal Info

I'm Nick, 23 years old and I live in Lexington, KY, USA and I'm a professional web designer/developer but an artist first and foremost.

Work Examples

gamecinemahd,, the ad option, isthatvegan?

FIFE-related Info

Professional mailing list lurker and potential irc lurker. :) I found FIFE during a short obsession with isometric graphics and my interest in FIFE remains strong as I see it as a great framework for gaming and art.