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  • Another great open-source engine is FIFEngine - the mad thing is the guy who is making the entire engine is only 15/16 !! [1]
  • And the winner is (most stupid quote about FIFE): It's ran by people who can't code, they only know LUA. The project has been stale for years and the project leader needs to move on. I don't see any reason to advertise this junk. [2]
  • Not a bad result, i suppose if anyone seriously wanted to do a games based on solid 10 year old technology then this engine is perhaps the best for that purpose in the world. The only real question now is... WHY?! [3] [...] That said I do imagine that the project will have a varied amount of success in indie circles and may even find a nice indie project or two. There is always a luddite lurking around somewhere. [4]


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