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Zero-Projekt "Was vom Morgen blieb" is a german cRPG project which is under development since February 2006. We are creating a post-nuclear cRPG which is placed in europe with focus on Germany. The title can be roughly translated to "the remains of tomorrow".

For more details visit our homepage:

Zero-Projekt was featured in one of FIFEs Community Spotlights, you can read the article here:


The main story of Zero "Was vom Morgen blieb" is settled in an alternative timeline and involves the development of the post-nuclear society of Germany. Suffering heavy loses by the nuclear fire and the fallout, a small fraction of the previous population survived - and tries to rebuild. This won't work out well for all of them - as human nature doesn't allow homogeneous structures for a long time. And so, after the basic needs have been met, conflicts started all over. No laws, no government - no common agreement on moral boundaries.

The player character will arrive at the northern coast of Germany, along with some other survivors. The group is confronted with the situation on the main land and tries to adapt. During this process, the interaction with the other factions grows and it is up to the player how these interactions play out.


Here are some of the highlights of our technical development:

  • Object interaction (PC - NPC; PC - objects like doors / lockers etc.)
  • Localisation via GNU gettext (Python module)
  • Integration of the ruleset module in all necessary areas of the code
  • Triggers
  • Agenda-AI
  • Combat-AI
  • Dialogue trees (full access to the ruleset - e.g. not only based on intelligence / charisma)
  • Profile management
  • Day / night cycle; lightsources
  • Combat calculations (fireline, cover checks due to environment)
  • Cover system, used by the ai and integrated into combat calculation
  • Inventory (including drag'n drop, item context menus, armor sets)
  • Item format (different categories, item modes, modifiers etc..)
  • Different equipable armors and weapons, with main categories also alter the appearance (e.g. torso armor, pistols, rifles)


The main goal of Zero-Projekt "Was vom Morgen blieb" is to be an oldschool isometric cRPG which is based on

  • Choice & Consequence
  • Individual character development
  • Huge maps
  • Dynamic world
  • Turn based combat

We'll also provide features like

  • Crafting
  • Factions
  • DP-System (Domination Points)
  • "unique" travel system
  • Player faction settlement


Besides the main game we are working on our first demo, called the 'Prolog Demo'. It will show the day when the nuclear war started with the player character being one of many citizens of a german town which is about to be evacuated by the government. The player character has the choice on what to do next and on how to behave during a catastrophic scenario involving the end of the known civilization. Does he flee? Does he help other people? Does he ignore it?

First possible release candidate is due to at June 2012 which is when we start a test period of about 4 weeks. First possible Release is in July, 2012.


Visit our gallery to see more screenshots.


For those who don't know it yet - there are screencaptures out there:

We also offer some embedded videos about key features on our homepage as well as development videos on our YOUTUBE-Channel


  • Tor, Project leader
  • Chewie (Co Project leader).

You also can join our IRC channel at freenode or use our IRC web client on our homepage:

  • server:
  • channel: #zero-projekt


I haven't seen any progress - is the project dead?

  • Short answer: No, it is not. As long as there is FIFE and at least one survivor of the Zero-Projekt team, the project never dies.
  • Long(er) answer: This game is made in our free time. All of us have family, jobs and other RL obligations which only leave so many time to work on the game. So things can be drastically slowed down, but the least component which will suffer from this is the game itself. What suffers first ATM is the work on public relations. So no homepage updates, no active advertising of the project etc.

There are many ways to follow our progress besides looking at the front page of

  • There is our which e.g. shows SVN commit messages
  • There is our IRC channel #zero-projekt @ (note: this is a public channel, not the place where the team works on Zero; so empty channel != no one working)
  • There is our youtube channel "Zero TV" which shows technical aspects of Zero and provides verbose descriptions on the videos


We were asked a lot about licensing in the past few years, so here the quick & dirty answer:

  • Python code (client): GPL
  • Assets (everything non-python): Strict license, no usage outside of Zero until the release of the main game (afterwards: less restrictive, but still a type of license which prevents commercial use)

You and parpg...?

..are not connected in any way. Zero was re-started in 2006 and has roots even back further because of the former Fallout:Zero project it evolves from.

Parpg was started ~ in 2009 by MvBarracuda after he decided to step down as project leader of FIFE.