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Xp-flag-32x32.png Platform-dependent information: Win32.

The following passage contains information that is specific to Windows operating systems.


This guide describes how to build FIFE on Win32-systems with the SCons build tool and the mingw compiler.


Getting started

git clone
  • Unpack / install the Development Kit to Folder.png <FIFE>\build\win32\
  • Download and install ActivePython 2.7

Building FIFE

You can find different batch files for building FIFE in Folder.png <FIFE>\build\win32\build_environments\scons\

  • File.png build_engine.bat builds the engine from the trunk sources
  • File.png cleanup_engine.bat deletes the files that were created by the engine build process
  • File.png logbuild_engine.bat creates a log file (File.png engine_build_log.txt) of the trunk core build process
  • File.png install_engine.bat installs FIFE to Folder.png <python>\Lib\site-packages\fife

You should find the built dynamic library entitled File.png _fife.pyd in Folder.png <FIFE>\engine\python\fife


Building FIFE will only work if you click on the batch files or execute them from the Folder.png <FIFE>\build\win32\build_environments\scons\ directory. Launching the bat files with the commandline interface outside of this folder will NOT work!

Testing FIFE

NOTE: To run FIFE clients you will have to install FIFE by running the File.png install_engine.bat batch script from the Folder.png <FIFE>\build\win32\build_environments\scons directory.

Rio de hola

  • Move into the Folder.png <FIFE>\demos\rio_de_hola folder.
  • Start File.png

Note: OpenAL needs to be installed for sound (can be found in FIFE SDK)