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from images

To be removed to search easier in images, if not for space (unused if not mentioned)

  1. Photoshop toolbox.png Unrealed toolbar.png Unrealed toolbox.png used in archived Editor:Redesign without purpose, as now better examples can be found easily
  2. PyChan rev2758 large.png FIFEdit rev 2713.jpg
  3. Workflow.png
  4. Ok.png
  5. some screenshots like FIFE on acid.jpg, 2008.1.003.jpg, 2008.0.005.jpg, 2008.0.001.jpg, 2007.2.005.jpg, 2007.2.004.png, Ext branch teaser 1.jpg, 2007.1.003.jpg, Prototype1 011.jpg, 2006.1.001.jpg or with Fallout content used in Screenshots
  6. DataAbstract.png
  7. Singletons.jpg
  8. TriggerDataflow.png
  9. Modelviewrotation.png
  10. Fattilehc1.png Wrong.png-has this actually been fixed? Techdemo grids.png Zero projekt spotlight1.jpg Movement angles.jpg Modelview test problem.jpg
  11. Plane intercept.PNG
  12. Cam correction 5.png Cam correction6.png Cam correction 2.png
  13. Fife banner 2007 mod.png Screenshot-FIFE ext branch initial gui.pngLayer grid placement.jpg
  14. Proposal.jpg User_talk:Mortiz should also be removed
  15. Tile drawing.png Rectangular xy transform.png Rectangular y transform.png Rectangular x transform.png Rectangular bounding boxes.png Rectangular bounding box.png
  16. Dims mapper.jpg ArcanumEd1.jpg ArcanumEd2.jpg FO2 mapper.jpg Editor 001.jpg Editor 002.jpg FIFEditMockUp.jpg see User_talk:Ismarc
  17. Map geometry.png Pathfinding1.jpg Pathfinding2.jpg Navigation cost table.jpg Pathfinding3.jpg Pathfinding4.jpg Pathfinding5.jpg Pathfinding6 string pulled.jpg Pathfinding7 final.jpg Pathfinding5 solved.jpg Grid presentations.jpg
  18. Jasoka fife modules.jpg
  19. Tile numbering.png Grid numbering.png
  20. Tilefrog.png Tileflat.png
  21. Talk:Map_Geometry page deleted, but talk page remained
  22. SCommand.png & Template:Icommand Tile 40 40.png Fife.png Deletion 16.png Object outline.png all below 64x64px, unusable logos (copies) etc

pages to be removed (incomplete)

  1. SandBox & Talk:SandBox
  2. Trac & Trac Ticket Tracker, Bug_Report, FeatureRequests, What is FIFE?- see Getting_started
  3. Release_feedback, Content_guidelines and similar should go in a long archived page (I even proposed them for deletion, but they ended up with archive)
  4. Building:FreeBSD:SCons and its template - see Building:Linux:SCons
  5. Template:Activity: see Developer_activity
  6. SPAM Tests_Boost_Linus_Pauling_Vitamin_C_Blend_As_Being_A_Achievable_Treatment_Solution_For_Illness
  7. Some of Special:ListRedirects

interesting / need to be rewritten & removed

  1. Tutorial:Content:Rendering_setup Tutorial:Content:Tiles Lamoot & Tutorial:Content:Walls
  2. Audio_Design_Documentation +Audio design proposal 1.jpg
  3. View_Design_Documentation
  4. Game_creators'_wishlist Map_GFX_contest
  5. Model_Design_Documentation use of Elevation.png alternative
  6. Path_Finding_Design_Documentation Pathfinder:Architecture
  7. use in rpg demo File:Sti barra
  8. Engine_Memory_Management
  9. Cam correction 12.png Cam correction 4.png Cam correction 1.png Cam correction 3.png
  10. Event_Channel_Design_Documentation Event_Channel
  11. User:Nwarner flexible isometric fallout like engine (1st logo?) should be made 1p everything related to fallout, remove Template:Document:Fallout
  12. Engine_Core Fife model design proposal a.png Fife xml format structure.png Fife target decompostion.jpg Mapmodel.png Signals Diagram.png
  13. Architecture_Documentation Engine_Clients Namespace proposal.png EngineStructure.png
  14. Use_Cases
  15. FIFE's_map_geometry
  16. 2007 1 fife map class model.png
  17. remove iconarchive unknown licensed icons
  18. Zero-Projekt
  19. Editor:Proposal:Geometry_tool