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TODO: some informations about developr activity

  • moving Developer_ftp_server here and other such details specific to developers
  • links to forum section
  • commercial/educational licensed compilers, engines etc.

Activity - ◌ ◔ ◑ ◕ / ◌ ◔ ◑ ◕
User Contribution / Status / Reason OS Compiler Time zone Contact
active / ◕
helios2000 engine core, especially lighting and Zero-Projekt Windows XP SP2 mingw (scons) UTC+1 (Germany) helios2000 AT gmx DOT net
prock Project Manager, engine core XP, Ubuntu 9.10, OS X 10.6 g++(gcc) UTC+2 wprasek AT gmail DOT com
vdaras GUI Enhancements GNU/Linux , Windows 7 UTC+2 vasileiosdaras AT gmail DOT com
vtchill engine core, unit tests Windows XP, Ubuntu 8.04, OS X 10.4 MSVC 2005, gcc EST (USA) manning.jesse AT gmail DOT com
semi-active / ◑
barra PARPG Windows 7 x64 mingw (scons) UTC+1 (Germany) mvBarracuda AT web DOT de
chewie pychan tutorials, editor improvements Major activity @Zero-Projekt Linux, Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) gcc 4.1.3 UTC+1 (Germany) chewie AT zero-projekt DOT net
inactive / ◔
Kozmo Renderer Performance kozmatic AT myopera DOT com
retired / ◌
CheeseSucker Editor Debian Sid, Windows XP gcc, MSVC 2008 UTC+1 (Norway) cheesesucker AT sinnsyk DOT com
jasoka engine core, busy with real-life at the moment g++ based on gcc ? (Kdevelop?) UTC+2 (Finland) j.jasoka AT gmail DOT com
joeh Trigger System XP x64 Visual Studio 2008 (MS VC++ 9) UTC+1 (Norway) joe.hegarty AT gmail DOT com
jwt engine core Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) Linux g++ based on gcc EST (USA) jthickstun AT gmail DOT com
Kaelis Ebonrai Rio de hola graphics Debian Linux (Sid), WindowsXP SCons AWST/UTC+9 (Western Australia) knux.econa AT gmail DOT com
Lamoot Techdemo, HDD problems and busy with faculty work Win32 mingw (scons) UTC+1 (Slovenia) nobelburek AT gmail DOT com
mortiz pathfinding module Windows Vista MSVC2005 SP1 (Visual Studio 8) UTC (UK) mortizfife AT googlemail DOT com
MuteX Free for tasks! ;-), Just moved to a new house. May be busy from time to time Debian GNU/Linux (Lenny/testing) g++ (GCC) 4.2.3 (Debian 4.2.3-2) UTC+1 (Germany) stefan at boxbox DOT org
NikN Video Windows XP MSVC 2008 JST (Japan) nihonnik {AT} gmail {DOT} com
phoku went on to other projects g++ based on gcc ? UTC+1 (Germany) klaus.blindert AT web DOT de
Sleek View module, I want to be back, but it's getting less and less likely Linux & Win32 ( currently on Win32 ) gcc, mingw32-gcc (code::blocks & scons) UTC+8 Malaysia dean98 AT gmail DOT com
trapdoor Networking, also works on The Mana World, and Radakan FreeBSD 6.3, Mac OSX, Windows Vista gcc 3.3, gcc 4.0, VC9 UTC ko2fan AT gmail DOT com
Wuntvor vfs (integrating physfs), I've got a lot of programming projects at college => even less time for FIFE :( Windows MSVC 2005 UTC+1 (Germany)
contribution that are not of importance currently due to various reasons, impossible to contact etc.
LinuxDonald Administrates website Fedora 10 64 Bit gcc UTC+1 (Germany) linuxdonald AT linuxdonald DOT de
anxs Busy with last year at school anxs AT justmail DOT de
chris felt burned out because of his dayjob and programming for FIFE c.stich AT inode DOT at
donbachi unknown, not seen on the IRC channel for about a month donbachi AT alpha-geek DOT de
filip* busy after getting his university degree
gir marvin-jens AT gmx DOT de
hahasound amc.kjg AT gmail DOT com
Joshdan vfs ? (USA) private
kefrens kefrens AT wp DOT pl
labrat busy with his daytime job tom.hey AT mail DOT com
neurogeek me AT neurogeek DOT org DOT ve
nickwarner nickwarner AT gmail DOT com
pipboy2000 busy with developing professional software
plcstpierre / Pier-Luc Caron St-Pierre University plcstpierre [at] gmail [dot] com
Sadr Project management Main responsibility lies with Radakan, but whenever there's time to spend, it will be spend on FIFE ? (Norway) reg_acc AT hotmail DOT com
rogerwilco rogerwilco AT nerdshack DOT com
shadowdancer busy with his day job gtdev at
shales geoff.salmon AT gmail DOT com
skybound Busy with his own project: OpenGTA. AT googlemail DOT com
stro stroantree AT gmail DOT com
svenito svenito AT gmail DOT com
zahlman busy with his daytime job karl.knechtel AT utoronto DOT ca
zbyte64 zbyte64 AT gmail DOT com
undeadinsanity arron AT arronbailiss DOT co DOT uk
virus erik.s.andersson AT gmail DOT com
wild_qwerty working on Mutants rising again