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This article is meant to summarize and evaluate the current features of the FIFE editor client. Feature requests and design considerations should be added to the Editor proposal article.

In case this article lacks any informations, please feel free to add them.


  • Maploading (several per session, but see #Bugs for limitations)
  • Mapsaving (save, save as)
  • Mapcreation (Map wizard)
  • Object import
  • Object selection
  • Select / Paste / Delete / Move instances (via hotkeys and menu)
  • Status bar


  • Objectselector
  • Filebrowser
  • Objectedit
  • Layertool


All known bugs should be reported as tickets in the FIFE bugtracker

At the moment there are several places for editor bug reports (we should merge them to one). Here are some custom queries for Trac to list (hopefully) all of them: