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About requesting features

Although FIFE already provides a bunch of features which allows to create games, there might be some features which are still missing or have been overlooked. All FIFE users are invited to create feature requests so that the FIFE developers can grab them and - hopefully - turn requests into new engine features.

Please note that the feature request will be reviewed by the FIFE team. If the feature is approved they will then prioritize it add it to the appropriate milestone. Unfortunately some milestones are some time into the future so approved features may not be implemented immediately. It all depends on how difficult and time consuming the feature will be to implement.

Placing a request

The first thing you should do when placing a feature request is make sure that your feature request has not already been implemented or been requested already. To do so look through the Engine Features page and check for enhancement tickets in Trac.

If the feature has not already been requested go ahead and make a new ticket and place it in the Place the ticket in the "Proposal" milestone. Make sure to set the ticket type to "enhancement", so the developers know it is a feature request. Please provide as much detail as possible in your ticket. The more the better. You can never be too verbose here. If the developers fully understand the feature it will be easier for them to prioritize it and even develop it.

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