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The glossary is meant to help to ease developer <-> developer as well as developer <-> user communication by establishing a set of common agreed upon terms.


Term Definition
Agent An agent is a dynamic map instance. It can move to different map locations at runtime.
Animation Sequence of image files that are played in succession to create illusion of e.g. walking. See [1].
Archetype Archetypes hold the basic data used in maps and throughout the game. To be more precise, they provide the IDs and names used in the Map Format. See also Archetypes.
Atlas Groups together smaller images into a larger one for performance benefits.
Backend From Wikipedia [2]: "In software design, the front-end is the part of a software system that interacts directly with the user, and the back-end comprises the components that process the output from the front-end. The separation of software systems into "front ends" and "back ends" is a kind of abstraction that helps to keep different parts of the system separated."
Camera A viewport or scene. Multiple cameras can exist with different scenes being portrayed on each camera.
Client A game or tool that uses FIFE as it's engine.
Console Console is an in game window that can be used to type commands for fife engine.
Content Media (images/music/sound fx/font/etc), map files, or GUI definition files.
Contributor Contributors are the people who work on FIFE on an occasional basis. There are basically three main criteria that separate contributors from regular developers: (1) A contributor follows the forums and visits the IRC channel just occasionally. (2) A contributor doesn't need to set his / her developer status at the wiki. (3) A contributor has no write access to the FIFE Git repository and does therefore send in any patches as Trac ticket attachments.
Developer Developers are the people who work on FIFE on a regular basis. There are basically three main criteria for (active) developers: (1) A developer follows the forums and visits the IRC channel on a regular basis. (2) A developer has set his / her status at the corresponding wiki page. (3) A developer has write access to the FIFE Subversion repository.
Elevation Map consists of elevations. Elevation can be thought as a floor in case you think map being a building. Each map has to have at least one elevation.
Game creator A single person or a whole team of individuals who create a FIFE-based game.
Gamma level
Gid Graphical ID. Used to uniquely identify any piece of graphic inside a set of related xml-file fragments.
Map World presentation from FIFE perspective. See Map model.
Spritesheet animation Specific type of atlas that represents only one action (animations for all defined directions). Typically, it's one direction per row, one frame per column.
Tid Tile ID. Same as Gid, but used only for tile related graphics.
User The term user is often utilized for expressing that the respective person is neither a developer nor a contributor of the development team.