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This page is meant to list the major known issues and their workarounds. If you find a problem with FIFE that is not listed here or in the README please file a Bug Report.

FIFE 0.3.3r3

All problems listed below with FIFE 0.3.3r2 are still issues in 0.3.3r3. There has been no additional reports of any major issues with 0.3.3r3.

FIFE 0.3.3r2

FIFE demos/editor start but you get a black/blue screen (Windows only)

Generally when this happens it's because you have an ATI card with Catalist drivers newer than 8.x. We have a workaround for this problem so FIFE will work properly for you. All you have to do is edit your settings.xml file (for rio_de_hola and the editor this file is in your Application Data/fife directory. The shooter demo and pychan_demo's settings.xml file is in the root of the demos install directoy). Add the following lines in the FIFE module section:

<Setting name="GLUseFramebuffer" type="bool"> False </Setting>
<Setting name="GLUseNPOT" type="bool"> False </Setting>

Uninstalling FIFE does not remove the Python Module OR the settings files for rio_de_hola and the editor

When you uninstall FIFE you may notice that there are a few files left over in your Application Data/fife directory. Also notice that the Python module doesn't get removed. If you are upgrading FIFE make sure to remove these files as the new version of FIFE may not start when you try to run the demos.