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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the July developer IRC meeting.


2009/07/19, 4:30PM GMT. Thread at the forums:

List of topics

  • Progress of pathfinding rework
  • FIFE svn structure
  • Quick update of engine map loader
  • Renderer code improvements by Helios (Zero-Projekt)
    • Lighting renderer (global light / lightmaps)
    • More texture units (4 instead of 1)
    • Image resizing on runtime
  • FIFE releases and packaging


  • Pathfinder: vtchill and wenlin still are investigating the memory leak; after solving this issue, the redesign will go on
  • The devs agreed on a new SVN structure; clients should be split from the engine core (and it's build scripts) to allow faster checkouts for people who only want the engine
  • Vtchill updated his maploader branch and invites everybody to profile the code; the editor will be switched to the c++ maploader for that purpose
  • Helios from the Zero-Projekt team introduced his renderer improvements; the code is currently reviewed by some devs to decide wether it is merged into FIFE or not
  • Image resizing is postponed to next meeting as this also needs a discussion about the future of SDL support in FIFE
  • It seems that FIFE is currently reviewed by package maintainers of linux distributions; Less to now info is available to the FIFE devs, therefore they agreed on an additional wiki page to organise this process.