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Xp-flag-32x32.png Platform-dependent information: Win32.

The following passage contains information that is specific to Windows operating systems.


This article explains how to install official releases for Win32.

Download and installation

  1. Get ActivePython 2.7 32bit and install it. Make sure you do NOT install the 64bit version of it, even if you're running a 64bit Windows! FIFE is currently not compatible with 64bit Python distros, but will work fine with 32bit Python even on a 64bit Windows system.
  2. Download the latest stable version from the download section.
  3. Start the downloaded installer
  4. Install FIFE to a location of your choice, e.g.: Folder.png C:\FIFE
  5. Install the Open AL driver (oalinst.exe).

Running FIFE demos

Information about how to run the demos that ship with FIFE can be found in our Run FIFE demos article.