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Download and installation

  • Download the latest stable version from the download section.
  • Start the downloaded installer (selfextracting 7zip archive)
  • Install FIFE to a location of your choice:
  • Copy the master.dat & critter.dat files from your Fallout 1/2 CD to:

Testing FIFE

  • Move to:
  • Run the fife.bat to start FIFE.
  • You can use every map you find in the maps_fo1.txt | maps_fo2.txt | maps_xml.txt files instead of by editing fife.bat.

Key bindings of the current release

"r" -> toogle roof rendering off / on
"o" -> toogle object rendering off / on
"f" -> toogle frames per second counter off / on
"+" -> increase brightness *
"-" -> decrease brightness *
"p" -> create screenshot
"e" -> switch between elevations
"x" -> increase the degree of alphablending
"s" -> decrease the degree of alphablending
"t" -> toggle tile grid off / on
"g" -> toogle object (hex) grid off / on
"F10" -> toggle console on / off
*  we need feedback if this works for the majority of the users